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By Richie / June 28, 2017

LEGO- the miniature plastic bricks that set alight your child’s imagination. Best Lego sets for kids are designed to build up the creativity of the child while offering the enjoyment of the game. Unlimited possibilities are presented by the inserting of the best Lego sets for kids. It make themselves possible for equally well to the assembly of simple construction like tiny houses, than to life-size sculptures representing celebrated monuments. What makes LEGO's success with adults equally is the ability to create almost everything. 

By reading this guide, you can choose the best Lego sets for kids according to all ages and passions. Having known how to reinvent itself through time, the famous brand has allowed many generations to meet to build and imagine stories all more exciting than the others.

About Lego 

Whether small or large, small plastic bricks have fans of all ages. Established in 1932, the Danish brand has been able to be exported all over the world. Its ability to stack easily helps you create many buildings out of plan or that come out of your imagination.

Let's see more in detail the different games Lego according to the age but also themes.

5 things to know about Lego 

  • In 1932 a carpenter, named Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded Lego group. At first they have started with making wooden toys.
  • It was founded in Billund, Denmark.
  • Lego" is an abbreviation for two Danish words, "godt" It means "play well".
  • In 1949 LEGO have started manufacturing built-in plastic bricks. The LEGO bricks have been started to build in 1958.
  • Interestingly those bricks made in 1958 are still well-matched with most of the models of today’s LEGO.

Principles of the best Lego for kids

LEGO’s broad research includes two principles. Firstly- understanding child’s development. Secondly, recognizing requirements at every phase of life. And the whole things are done to improve the creativity and imagination of children of all ages.

LEGO is one of the biggest toy manufacturers. They search for producing products which works intelligently to arouse mind's eye especially for kids. Some information about their business could make you interested.

Age limits of  the best Lego for kids

You can start with LEGO at any time! Even though, we have presented the method to assort Lego according to age.

0 to 2 years

The best aid to make baby understand and feel the world at this age is none other than playing. This is the age where they start understanding the world round them. Lego Duplo is the best choice for the baby of this age. These bricks are almost double in size than the usual bricks. The young kids can handle them properly. The size and shape of the bricks improve the motor skill and stimulate the imagination of kids. And also the colors work on the sense of beauty of the kids.

2 to 4 years

Social interaction is the most important issue at this stage. In this developing stage kids start to play in groups with other children. Lego becomes more colorful for this age group. They have invented Lego with which they can create their own story and continue role play with what they can see around them. The children can express their emotions and thought with the characters like Princess and Town that comes with the LEGO DUPLO Theme Boxes.

4 to 6 years

This is the time to gain capability to concentrate and perceive and improve kid’s motor skills. LEGO caskets give incredible role-playing chances like LEGO City, LEGO Hero Factory, LEGO Bricks and LEGO Cars. With all these we can work on stimulating the imagination and concentration ability of our children.

6 years and up

Children start to apply logic and more concepts and they want to express with gestures and physical expression. The LEGO Technique and LEGO creator enclosures comes with gears, axles and even electric motors which give chances to make complex models. Robots and mobile vehicles are popular among them.

For adults

More complex LEGO like LEGO Games and LEGO Star Wars can only be handled by adults. They often come with customizing options and attractive accessories to produce fantastic constructions of different size and shape.

Limitless is the opportunities when you want to construct structures with LEGO. The principle of attachments of the bricks is simple. So from children to adult it is easier to make complex structures as per the age group.

Each LEGO casket comes with demo pictures that show you how you can make structure with the bricks. You can make mobile robots, you can encourage kids to play favorite characters role play characters from your favorite cartoons and build a rambling city. It is a world where your child can make the dream a reality.

Help your child design fun objects.

The LEGO family

With Lego construction of Animals, houses or vehicles: everything is possible! The span of product is stretched for boys and girls of all ages. According to the taste and age you can choose your own. Superheroes, princesses, ninja warriors or municipal employees all represent the huge world of LEGO.

LEGO Bricks 

Obviously, when we talk about Lego, we think of small bricks of all colors that we stack to make constructions more or less original. In the Lego Classic range you will find a box of Lego bricks or Lego creative bricks to allow the whole family to have fun together. Obviously, the Lego brand follows the main trends of the moment. Create breathtaking skyscrapers, friendly characters or spirited vehicles- limitless are the possibilities.

LEGO Star Wars

Save our galaxy and fighting against evil characters. This is incredible theme of Star Wars. Constructing spaceships and projection from movies and cartoons is really exciting. Dealing with mini sabers and putting efforts and strength would give anyone much fun.


Now this is not about the whole galaxy but about fighting and protecting the whole city and the ancient village by Spinjitzu ninjas. It is their responsibility to resist the evil serpent tribe.With powerful arms and vehicle Ninjago is all about trying to enlarge the empire of the Ninjago. With the weapons and spinning tops they become expert in Spinjitzu art.

LEGO Games

LEGO board games are real pleasure and excellent for family time passing. With the well-known little brick you can play with your imagination and rebuild and recreate rules of game.


How a city functions? What are the services that are required to run a city smoothly? LEGO city boxes helps to know your child about the urban life and the requirement necessary to run a city. The LEGO City Police collections make sure that the city is protected from the evil doers. The City Fire fight fires and they are equipped with evry instrument that are required to control fire. The LEGO City Mining Collection run gold mines and help the children construct cranes with which they can dig the treasure out of earth.

The Lego City range is devoted entirely to the city and urban vehicles. Starting in 1978, it features a wide range of land, submarine and air vehicles, characters with a large number of trades and buildings. Lego City Train box or the Lego City Police box are recommended.


LEGO DUPLO bricks are bigger than usual bricks so that youngest kids can handle them easily. With the stimulating tools, themes and stories that come with the boxes would improve their creativity while playing. Some of among the wonderful boxes are DUPLO Princess, Town, Creative Play, Brick Themes, Duplo Cars, Duplo Train.

LEGO Hero Factory

Incredible creator of robotic heroes- by the Hero factory of the city of Makuhero. The boxes comes with the things like strong weapons required to create a super hero who can fight the evil doers.


It’s about Building towers , barriers to keep the Dinosaurs away from the city. The Heroes dedicated to protect the city fights against The monsters. They try to capture them. You can make land or air vehicle and trap them with nets.


This is inspired by the scenes from Disney Pixar's Cars and Cars 2 movies. Recreate those moments and have fun with exciting races with your favorite characters.

Lego Architecture

The theme Lego architecture targets a more adult audience, follower of models. Proposed by the brand in 2008, it proposes to build many mythical buildings. For example, you can purchase a Lego Architecture Louvre box, a Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty box or a Lego Architecture Studio box. Its main themes: construction of course, but also engineering and architecture.

LEGO Technique

The Lego Technic games, first of all, were launched in the late 1970s. They have moving parts allowing realistic and functional constructions. You can find, in the boxes, pulleys, levers, gears, bars and axes. In the 1980s will be added pneumatic components and then a computer control a few years later. In this category you can build, for example, a nacelle truck, an urban motorcycle, a quad bike, a compact tracked loader, a racing truck or a bi-rotors helicopter. Not to mention the Lego Technics box cargo plane.

Best  Lego sets for kids : Our Top 10  picks

1.Minecraft The Cave Playset

2.Lego City Mobile Police Unit

3.Star Wars Snowspeeder

4.Classic Creative Bricks

5.Lego Creator Treehouse

6.Super Heroes The Hulk Buster Smash

7.Super Heroes Batman: Man-Bat Attack

8.Ghostbusters Ecto-1

9. LEGO Elves Dragon Sanctuary kits

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