How to choose the best baby toys for 1 year old : Guide and Reviews

By Richie / October 9, 2017

Development is the first priority while choosing the best baby toys for 1 year old. If we pay a head to what experts says about choosing the best toys for 1 year old is that the toys that focus on the developmental needs of the children are the best. Based on this opinion we have choose 10 best and most appropriate choice and described the guideline for choosing the best baby toys for 1 year old.

Unique, aafe, attractive, affordable – this are the factors we have considered while choosing the best toys for 1 year old! Our chosen and reviewed products are complied with the safety standard. Customers valued brand and quality as well as the style have been incorporated in choosing best toys for 1 year old.

Our over all top picks

Musical Rhymes Book

Editors rating  

Stimulates sense 

V-Tech Activity cube 

Editors rating  

Enhance crawling 

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Mega block building bags

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Enhance creativity

Top 10 reviews: The best baby toys for 1 year old

1. Musical Rhymes Book by VTech

Editors rating  

You surely want to stimulate the learning capability of 1 year old baby with fun. And for this purpose this Interactive Musical book would help you a lot.

The best thing about this toy is its high-tech approach to learning which simultaneously help you to improve your kids’ world of imagination, their latent creativity and verbal skill.

It has got dazzling pages which are easy to turn over. Twisting and sliding of pages certainly works on the improvement of baby’s motor skill. It comes with 5 colors piano button that comes with wonderful sounds which is helpful for your baby’s early brain development. It has got 2 modes of play: Learning and Musical.

2. Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys by Nuby

Editors rating  

Bathing you want to be sure that the toy you are giving your 1 year old baby while showering should be BPA free and safe. Octopus Hoopla Bath time Fun Toys are few of those safe toys which also stimulate the activity of your baby with fun.

The friendly- looking octopus is nicely colored and tentacles are shaped beautifully to attract your baby. It can floats on water and allows your baby to toss and play with.
The toy comes with 3 colorful rings which add a great fun. The rings can be slot over the tentacles of octopus.

The great thing about this toy is that it is safe for your baby while showering. It improves the synchronization between baby’s eye and hand. The beautiful vibrant colors work on sensory development of your baby.

3. Spin and Learn Color Flashlight by VTech

Editors rating  

With more than 50 cute and attractive songs and melodies for child this toy resembles one of the very useful household items- Flashlight. The flashlight can rotate and can shoot 5 colorful shaft of light. It comes with cute turtle button. The stocky handle is comfortable for your 1 year old baby to hold and carry it.

Thrilling color-changing ring can be spin. Then it shines in six bold colors as well as shows colors and animals.

The most important thing with this toy is learning mode. It has got 3 buttons to learn numbers and colors. It introduces your 1 year old baby with numbers and colors. Fun melodies, beautiful sounds, letters and games altogether make it a wonderful toy for 1 year old baby. The beautiful songs and nicely selected phrase develops your kid’s verbal skill.

4. Busy Learners Activity Cube by VTech

Editors rating  

With learning activities on each side of the cube this learning toy really presents itself as an interactive toy for 1 year old baby. Lights, music, sounds, phrases and all this comes with fun which work together to develop your kid’s learning skill, stimulate sensory organ, improve motor skills .

The different activities works nicely to increase the beginning literacy, help them to explore the new world of learning and improve music sense of your lovely kids.
It includes 14 different features that come with 25 melodies and songs. 4 buttons with light-up functions and adjustable volume help the kids learning names of animals, sounds and shape.

The cube moves to attract the attention and it is helpful to calm your baby while crying. It also allures your kids to crawl.

The most important thing about this toy is that it is made up of BPA-free plastic which makes sure your kids be out of contamination.

5. First Builders Big Building Bag by Mega Blocks

Editors rating  

If your babies become 1 year old and you want them to explore their creativity, please provide them with this toy with which they can express their imagination through building blocks. Let them work with their first LEGO sets. This is the jumbo-sized version of LEGO construction bricks.

It comes with 80 first builder’s blocks in 8 colors made up of child safe plastics. Blocks are big enough for kids to assemble easily with those little hands of 1 year old baby. The blocks are compatible with all Mega blocks. So you can use them for further construction.The great thing with building blocks is that they are the first problem solving assignments for your boy but with fun. They actually improve your baby’s spatial intelligence, creativity, imagination and most importantly synchronize all these skill with their motor skills.

Safety guaranteed! These blocks are made up of PVC-free and BPA-free materials. It comes with a portable non-woven bag and the bag is also made up of safe material.

6. Whisper Ride II by Step2:

Editors rating  

First car for your 1 year old baby ! … let him ride on this gorgeous ride and explore the world outside. This wonderfully designed ride comes with 6 snack or cup holders, a seat belt. There is space under the hood. The super-quiet whisper ride wheel gives smooth maneuverability. It needs a little effort to ride –on .

Easy folding and comfortable for carrying. It easily fits behind your car boot.It comes with a honking horn which adds extra fun for your baby.

Sleek automotive design makes it good-looking and attractive for your baby. Maximum weight while riding is 50 lbs. (22.7 kg)

7. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball by Billy Kikkok

Editors rating  

Unlike every other softball out there this special soft ball has got 12 colorful potholed extensions. 2 of the bumps are made up of clear plastic and contain multi color beads. This 2 bump make rattle sound to attract baby. The rest of the bumps are of different colors. With this bumps this easy-to-grab softball distinguish itself from other ordinary softball.

The attractive thing of this softball is the bold pattern and bright color of the bumps.It definitely improves the visual and tactile sense of baby. The rattling sound helps to stimulate the auditory skill. Tossing and rolling the ball increase their early motor development.

8. Mozart Magic Cube by Munchkin

Editors rating  

The language of music works more of feel than to understand it. Let your baby grow with the taste of one of the greatest masterpieces of Mozart in 5 different musical instruments such as piano, violin, flute, French horn, and harp. If you want an orchestra combines all 5 and you have an orchestra.

It definitely is going to develop their tender sensory organ, their cognitive development. It works on brain and improves the emotional ability of child.

9. Turn and Learn Driver by VTech

Editors rating  

The first car key and driving wheel for your baby! Turn and learn driver is nicely designed to give your kids a good company as well as to improve their growth and development.
It comes with In 3 modes and 5 colored interactive buttons. The buttons play diffent songs and sound effects like those of animals and vehicles. It also comes with a gear shift lever and a signal light lever. They provide different effects.

It’s actually toy which helps your children to learn with fun. The sound of different vehicles and animal stimulates their imagination and thinking power. It comes with a traffic light, signal lever. They create cute sounds and music. Gear shifter can be pushed and pull to indicate contrary. The songs and the phrases work on their verbal development.

Your kids can imitate driving with the wheel toy. The dog character comes back and forth with the move.

10. Green Toys Dump Truck by Green Toys

Editors rating  

This is another BPA-free and phthalates-free toys that would be very nice for your child to explore something different. They can go outside with this toys and play with sands and other wastage to explore the dumping and stuffs. It would improve their ability to question and relating with the real world.

The Dumber can be moved. All the materials including the packages are made from recyclable plastic.

Guide to choose the best baby toys for 1 year old

The changes that you notice and expect from a child after their birth is his or her skill are in cognitive skill improvement, psychometric, language social, emotional, and communication ability. These are the parameters in general.

Curiosity is important 

Throughout the first year the baby tries to develop a consciousness about their environment. They began to understand the shape and solidity of object. They want to explore more and more as they approaches to the second year.
They start to show their curiosity to what they see around them. But soon they get bored on what they have seen and crave for more exciting things. In the meantime they learn that something happens for a cause. If the beat something, then a sound would be created. Or something like these. We need to provoke this sense. We need to provide them with the toys that stimulate their cognitive skills and curiosity.

best baby toys for 1 year old

Improving motor skill

The first year is also time to improve the motor skill for the babies. They try to move and touch the things that are close to them. This is their tiny way to explore the world. Stimulate this eagerness and use this to build the motor skills. Give theme toys for which they need to move their limbs. There are toys that help their movements and therefore strengthen their muscles of legs and arms. They learn to grip and you can provide them with toys that can be gripped easily. On the next stage you can give them more delicate toys. We need to pay an attention to the overall synchronization of muscles, eyes and reasoning power. So color, design, sound effects are to be considered while choosing the toys.

Picture based toy

Picture attract 1 year old baby more than anything. They become fascinated about colors and appearance of an object. If you read them color books it woul be great for their verbal skill. Simple rhymes with nonsense sound would be a great help for their hearing and learning. Their musical sense should be develop if you provide them with toys that can produce musical sounds with rhyme. Talking toys would stimulate their communication skills. In this age babies try to follow gestures and try to talk like elders. Pretending games and interactive toys would be so much of help in this stage of development.

best baby toys for 1 year old

Role play games

Sharing and interacting are not the sense that you can except from a 1 year old boy. So they will be on their own and in their game they would likely to reflect in the manner they see around them. So it is important to provide them with suitable toys which can help them to follow the things that would build their developmental base. Choosing role playing game is crucial. The reason is that these could have impact their future life. Place a good role model before them.


We hope according to the discussion it would be easier for you to choose the best baby toy for 1 year old and you can choose one from our list of reviewed toys. Of course you would have lot more choice available.

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