Best Mini Quadcopter & Drone for Kids Guide and Reviews

By Richie / June 21, 2017

For your loving kids, a mini Quadcopter or Drone would be a great ‘WOW’. Kids really love this device. These are also chosen by the parents for it’s size and relatively low cost. But selecting the best mini quadcopter or drone for your kids can be a little tricky. The reason for that is the mounting popularity of mini quadcopter and drone leads to increase of the number of brands. It’s really important to get a little guide and tips. 

Best Pocket Drone for Kids
Best Mini Quadcopter & Drone for Kids

We have tried to help you on that. We want to take the difficulties to single out the best mini quadcopter or drone for your kids. To carry on the task we have presented here a few model from among so many renowned brands of best mini quadcopters and drone.We have narrowed down your options. In our post, customer valued brand as well as quality have been incorporated in choosing the best mini quadcopter and drone for your kids.

1.  Cheerson CX-10- The smallest Drone of the world 

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Features at a glance 

Best Pocket Drone for Kids

Smallest Drone

This incredible looking drone efficiently proves the old saying "Size does not matter". If you list the best mini quadcopters and drones for kids round there, we guarantee you that it can perform much better than most other bigger quadcopters and drones in the market.

This is the smallest flying quadcopter of the world. You can just Slip it in your coat pocket and take it anywhere you go.

Easy assembling

As you can see it does not require any assembling. Just Open the box and Fly the drone. The parts that come along with the drone are-transmitter, USB cable, a user manual, and spare blades.

Four colors

The Cheerson CX-10 mini quadcopter comes in four colors – orange, pink, green, and blue.

3 Modes of flying

The three modes enable it to be placed in one of the best training quadcopters and drones. When comes the question of best quadcopter and drone within budget Cheerson CX-10 comes at the top of the list.

Lightweight and stable

You can hold this little drone of 29 grams (or 1.02 ounces) in your palm. The X shaped mini quadcopter has separate blades on each corner.On an average you would enjoy 4 to eight minutes flight time with full battery.6 Axis flight control board provides more stability and smooth flight.It is possible to fly up and down, left and right, do flips, fly forward, hover in place.

2.Hubsan X4 107C- The best    beginner mini quadcopter

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Features at a glance 

Best Mini Quadcopter & Drone for Kids

Beginning Drone

If your kid is beginner in handling quadcopter and drone and looking for a best training mini quadcopter, the Hubsan X4 should be the best choice for you. Before switching to the more fast and complex quadcopter you should consider this mini quadcopter for them.

Recording camera

With On-Board recording camera, Hubsan X4 107C has all the qualities to be the best mini quadcopter and drone for your kids. It also comes with (H107L & H107P) and an FPV version (107D) that are without camera.

Small and stable

The incredible thing about this drone is that it easily fits on your palm. Measures approximately 6cm x 6cm. Hubsan x4 H107L comes with 6 axis flight control systemthat ensure steady flight and more stability. It can flips and rolls (4 way flips (left, right, forwards and back) and is able to perform other stunt without any difficulties which would be a excitement for the kids

Decent flight time

3.7V 240mAh battery is more than enough to provide you with a decent flight time. You will be able to get 7-8 minutes of flight time even in the windy conditions.The replacement parts are available on online and can be get in affordable price.

3. Syma X11C -High quality    quadcopter with camera

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Features at a glance

Best Mini Quadcopter & Drone for Kids

High Quality

Syma are renowned for making high quality RC Helicopter models and this latest drone. This is a fun little quadcopter for kids is no exception.It holds the definite place in one of the best drone for kids.

3 colors

The Syma X11C come in three colors Black, Red and White and is packed with all the latest flight technology that makes it perfect for and beginner or experienced Drone Flyers.

Great Design

Syma RC drone really came to the fore in 2014 with the outstanding success of their X5C model which set the precedent for low priced Mini RC drones. Syma have now released a great Micro RC Quadcopter the X11C with a 2 mega pixel camera.

LED light

The Red one comes with exclusive LED Light with the same features.

Propellers guards

The Syma X11C RC Quadcopter comes supplied with propellers guards as standard which will protect it from any damage if a collision occurs.That is perfect for someone that is just getting started in the hobby or just for someone who wants one to fly around indoors without doing much damage.

Beginners Drone

If you're looking for a Quadcopter to start off with, this would be the best bang for your buck. And regardless of age will keep you entertained with hours of fun.Let’s have a look at the features on full review:

4.AKASO X5C : A Toy-Dorne both for you and your kid!

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Features at a glance 

Best Mini Quadcopter & Drone for Kids

Easy operation for kids

If you are looking for an easy to operate drone for kids then AKASO is one of the best drone for your kids. This is a great entry level drone for kids that is sure to please.A light weight and durable for both you and your kids! It's easy to use and operate especially if you are new to fly drone.

Video camera

It has got a build in camera that allows recording video or taking images. You can capture your friends and family from aerial view shots and see the world from a new angle.

High speed interference-free

The AKASO X5C offers high speed flight. The AKASO X5C is controlled by a 2.4GHz transmitter , with interference free system. Which means that is will not be interfered by other drones.

6-axis gyro

Built-in 6-axis gyro quad-rotor, strong stability, can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control- all these features make this drone distinguished among the best drones for kids within this price range

Attractive price

This drone for kids came with the guards, extra replacement blades, battery and camera, all look to be good quality and made it one of the best drones for kids. It's a great drone for kids for the price if you have never flown a drone for kids before, so you want to try one out but don't want to pay a ton of money to do it.

Easy assembling

This is easy to use right out of the box. The manual is easy to understand and get information quickly. Just add batteries to the remote, the landing gear and blade guards and fly within 15 minutes. What a blast to make it one of the best drone for kids out there.

5. Holy Stone F180C Quadcopter -A  lightweight drone trainer

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Features at a glance : 

Best Mini Quadcopter & Drone for Kids

Perfect Drone trainer

The Holy Stone 2.4GHz Mini RC Drone is a lightweight hobby quadcopter, a perfect drone trainer. For a beginner looking to try out their first quad to a seasoned hobbyist, the Holy Stone Mini RC Drone has something to offer everyone. 

Four level input

It offers four levels of input from 25%-100% which makes it perfect for everyone- from beginner to advanced. Even at 25% this mini drone for kids cruises along pretty good. The Holy Stone Mini RC drone for kids features a 6 axis gyroscope for added stability.

Easy control

 A key 360° 4-ways flip (left, right, forward, backward), continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance. It can be difficult to control for beginner, even at 25% input. It’s a durable, lightweight quad with relatively easy controls and stepped input making it flyable for users of all skill levels.

Video camera

It is also equipped with a video/photo camera(1280x720 Pixel),for taking videos and still shot.It also includes a 2GB Micro SD card installed for the mini "HD" camera that is built into it, as well as a USB card reader so you can easily get your photos and videos off and onto your computer.

All of these features definitely put it on the level of one of the best drone for kids.

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