Cheerson CX-10 mini drone review

By Richie / June 21, 2017

This incredible looking Cheerson CX-10 mini drone efficiently proves the old saying "Size does not matter". If you list the best toy drones for kids round there, we guarantee you that Cheerson CX-10 mini drone can perform much better than most other bigger toy drones in the market.

Features of Cheerson CX-10 mini drone

This is the smallest flying drone of the world. You can just slip it in your coat pocket and take it anywhere you go.

As you can see it does not require any assembling. Just Open the box and fly the drone. The parts that come along with the drone are-transmitter, USB cable, a user manual, and spare blades.

Cheerson CX-10

The Cheerson CX-10 mini drone comes in four colors – Orange, Pink, Green, and Blue.
The three modes enable it to be placed in one of the best training quadcopters and drones. When comes the question of best quadcopter and drone within budget Cheerson CX-10 comes at the top of the list.


Length: 4 centimetres

Width: 4 centimeters

Height: 2 centimeters.

Cheerson CX-10


Cheerson CX-10

Stable design

6 Axis flight control board provides more stability and smooth flight. These extra axes supplies the strength to build resistance to excessive turbulence. It also stops too much bouncing. With the adjustable gyroscope the drone can flip 360 degree in the mid air.

Flight Modes

The 3 flight modes are an incredible feature which gives it a position among one of the best toy drones for training kids in the market. The 3 flight modes are:

  •  Junior
  •  Intermediate
  • Advanced


The best mode for the beginners. In this mode the Cheerson CX-10 mini drone flies a bit slow which let you to get used with the control. The junior mode is indicated by a green LED light on the remote controller.


After you become used to the control and learn how to control the basic flight mode you can switched to Intermediate flight mode.

In this mode you can flip the Cheerson CX-10 mini drone by the right hand joystick. The nice thing of the flip is it immediately gets back to the flight mode without disabling the flip function. The Intermediate mode is indicated by a red LED light on the remote controller.

Advanced flight mode

Recommended for the expert. In this mode you can fly faster, you can play with the flips and make the drone upside down, you can thrush through the wind with exciting speed and have more fun.The advance mode is indicated by the 3 times beep of the red LED light.

Flip action

The Amazing aerodynamic flips added a incredible plus to the attributes of this mini drone.It is possible to fly up and down, left and right, do flips, fly forward, hover in place. You can also launch from the palm of your hand.
To activate the flip action, press the right joystick and wait for the beeps. The nice thing of the flip is it immediately gets back to the flight mode without disabling the flip function. Pushing of stick enable you to flip it forward, backward, right, or any direction you want it to be.

The Transmitter

The transmitter includes two joysticks. You have to move your thumbs- that’s all.It uses 4 channel 2.4G frequency. It enables the quadcopter to a distance of about 20 to 50 meters.

Cheerson CX-10

To let the Cheerson CX-10 mini drone take off, push the joystick forward. It would takes of and eventually flies forward. The other joystick controls the left-to-right motion.

The joystick is so sensitive that a slightest movement can cause a quick response. Pushing hard or fast can end up with a sudden crash and collision. So it has to be handled carefully and require practice.


  • Stable flight
  • Safe. Small enough to fly indoor.It can be launched from hand. The lightweight makes it safe for the kids.
  • Lightweight
  • Battery recharge time is short
  • Nice Flipping option
  • Spare parts are available and affordable
  • The best mini quadcopter for beginners


  • Blades are made of light plastic. A hard collision can cause permanent damage.
  • No guard cage for props included
  • Without GPS.
  • No Return-Home feature. If it goes beyond the range of the transmitter, it may just take off and never come back
  • Battery cannot be interchanged

Points to be noted

  • The weak body of Cheerson CX-10 mini drone may be a drawback but compare to the price this smart and impressive drone is worthy enough to be put it on the top of the list of the best toy drones.
  • Spare parts are highly available and affordable.
  • Managing to incorporate many smart technologies within this tiny space makes it incredible
  • It is surprisingly stable compared to it’s size and weight.
  • The step by step flying mode makes your kid able to learn the fly slowly.
  • The best indoor toy drone so far.

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