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Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller Review

By Richie / June 21, 2017

Experience The Terrific Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller!

Chicco bravo trio travel system

The term 'Trio' in the name refers to the stroller, car seat and the ability to secure the car seat to the stroller as well. The Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller is the new, innovative, exceptionally well designed, tri-modal stroller platform from Chicco. There are numerous accessories with this travel system that the more expensive systems had and then some. And that make it even better. The Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller comes in such variety of design that it would make you puzzled to choose one for your child.  And you would not hesitate to make this purchase selection again, given the chance.

Why should you chose this one:

“One of the reasons is,- You will receive the stroller, car seat, and base in the package! Isn’t it great?”

Chicco bravo trio travel system

A rather lucrative package from Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller

3 Unique modes 

The Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller provides three unique modes of use to adapt to your changing travel needs as baby grows:

1. KeyFit Carrier

In its first mode for use with young infants, Bravo functions as a lightweight and stylish car seat carrier. The Bravo seat and canopy can be removed easily revealing a lightweight car seat carrier - most helpful when baby is always in the KeyFit. As in the case of Chicco Bravo LE Stroller, for Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller,  it’s easy to remove the stroller seat and canopy, attach the adapter, and click in the KeyFit.

Chicco bravo trio travel system

2. Travel System

During the transition time when baby still rides in the KeyFit but may also like to sit up and see the world from the stroller, the Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller functions as a travel system. The KeyFit easily clicks in and out of the stroller seat, using the adapter.

3. Toddler Stroller

When baby outgrows the KeyFit, Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller functions as a full-featured stroller for everyday travel up to 50 lbs. Perfect for everyday travel for your growing baby.

Safe and Comfy car seat :

It is really important for you to feel at ease knowing she is secured in a high quality car seat. And Trio makes you feel that ease.

  • Conforms to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213
Chicco bravo trio travel system
  • The Bravo Trio System is designed exclusively for use with Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat. KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is one of the best rated infant Car Seat in America! 
Chicco bravo trio travel system
  • 5-point harness with one-pull tightener
  • Seat interior lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for improved impact protection.
Chicco bravo trio travel system
  • Best Base you could have.
  •  The base comes with the travel set. You will receive the stroller, car seat, and base in the package.
  •  ReclineSure  spring-loaded leveling foot to help achieve proper base angle in vehicle seat
  • The car seat base was also extremely easy to set up. It would take less than 5 minutes. The car seat easily secures into place and with the pull of a latch it easily comes out.
  • RideRight bubble level-indicators on each side of the base to indicate accurate angle in vehicle seat
Chicco bravo trio travel system
  • SuperCinch one-pull latch tightener to help achieve a tight and secure vehicle fit with a fraction of the effort!
Chicco bravo trio travel system
  • Audible KeyFit attachment.

And few other things we need to let you know about the Car seat:

With or Without Car Seat? :

It is not recommended to put infant without the car seat. Head board can be flat, which allow you to transport newborn, but the safest way is with car seat. If you desire to use the stroller without the car seat attachment, you can do that much earlier. It depends on each kid. Once your child reaches 25-30 lbs it's time to get a bigger car seat. I started to when my baby could sit well with support. Your baby would like the stroller as the well.

Rear vs. Front:

The car seat, like all newborn car seats, is only rear-facing. It's an infant car seat and it isn't recommended to face them forward for at least 2 years. They would outgrow this seat far before then. So, it doesn't go both ways but it shouldn't need to.

Chicco bravo trio travel system

Bassinet option:

Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller doesn't come with a bassinet option, it's pretty basic. I am not sure if you can add a bassinet to it but the car seat attachment is very helpful.

Multi-Position reclining seat

With the removable stroller seat , the Bravo stroller has 3 positions –

  •  Upright.
  •  Semi-reclined, and then
  •  More deeply reclined.

One thing to be noted that the most reclined position is not fully flat. It stays elevated a little bit. Say about 45 degree angle.

Chicco bravo trio travel system

So, this stroller cannot go flat like a bassinet. Your child can sit in the stroller in two ways. Either in the car seat that clicks into the stroller or they can sit in the toddler seat if the car seat adapter is removed. You can lower the back so the baby can sleep

Self Standing Flexible fold

 It could not possibly be easier! 

No Doubt that it is the smartest quick fold in its class! One-hand, free-standing Quick Fold Easy-to-reach fold and carry handle for quick and compact travel or storage.

Chicco bravo trio travel system

Set up of the system took no more than 20 minutes and was very easy to accomplish. Simply lift up using the handle under the seat, Auto-Swivel Wheels automatically rotate inward to ensure a compact fold.

Using the handle in the middle, it is possible to collapse the stroller basically with one hand -, so you can be holding the baby or diaper bag and still easily use it. Self-Standing Fold as opposed to rolling down the parking lot or under the car makes it easier for you.

Chicco bravo trio travel system

How many other strollers are designed with this feature AND it works as intended, not just an empty claim!! If you use only the car seat, you can fold it with the car adaptor on and at the same time you can keep the bar on which the car seat stands.  


Open Dimensions:

35.50 x 21.75 x 43 in.

Folded Dimensions:

16 x 21.75 x 28 in.

Front Wheel Diameter: 7.0 in.

Rear Wheel Diameter: 9.0 in.


The Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller is super smooth, easy to drive with all-wheel suspension and linked rear brakes. The 3-position, padded push handle is height adjustable to 3 different heights accommodate mom and dad.

 Even better is the weight (23 lbs). If you consider with different travel systems, none of them would be as easy to manipulate or as light weight as the Chicco bravo trio travel system stroller. If the weight is a big concern for you, then you have reasons held out on some of the higher end travel systems and choose Bravo Trio.

The wheels on the stroller are a semi-hard plastic, more of a rubbery plastic. It's nice, unlike most other, flimsy strollers. They’ll last over time. Wheels work well on smooth surfaces but are kind of bumpy on asphalt paths and are not so great on gravel. We wouldn't recommend it for jogging or other rugged activities, as the wheels are pretty smooth. It's pretty easy to maneuver too.

A Small Tip for the wheel:

If you have any problem with the squeaky wheel just apply some Vaseline and the problem would be gone

Extra large canopy :

 Adjustable,removable canopy for a comfortable ride for baby.

The shades don't just meet, they overlap. It's an independent part. You can use the sunshade when the stroller is in the infant caddy mode. 

Chicco bravo trio travel system

When the shade is forward on the carseat, the stroller's shade comes on top and overlaps a bit. This will completely protect the baby from the sun or rain or when we're trying to keep people away from our little one in public. When you fully extend the stroller shade, a mesh window allows you to see into the stroller as you're walking.

Parents Tray:

Parent tray with storage and cup holders With cup holders and a storage compartment. Large basket, easily accessible from front or rear

Extra-Large Storage Basket

Accessible from the front or rear, the convenient storage basket holds all your baby necessities.

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