Fly Bike- foldable first tricycle for kids-Review

By Richie / June 21, 2017

Fabulous First Ride-on for your kids

The Fly Bike Scooter is a blend of a bicycle and a scooter which is perfect for toddlers who are not aged enough to ride a regular 2-wheel bicycle.

The attractive feature that distinguishes this scooter from most other of its kinds on the market is the folding option. The compact Fly Bike Foldable Kids Scooter easily folds down for travel purposes and easy storage. No assembly required. Its portable design makes it perfect for the indoors and outdoors. It is light weighted and gives your child a smooth quiet ride inside the house, in the front or back yard, or at the park. Suitable for ages 12 months to 3 years; up to 44 lbs.

Let's take a look at the features

Foldable and Portable

This is a great travel friend for your toddler. You just have to snap the legs and handles up and of they go! It's small and comfy size makes it easy to carry. The Fly Bike can be stored in any closet, under the bed, or even your car's trunk when traveling. You can pick up the scooter with one hand to shift it from one place to the next.

Self-reliance early on

While a 2-wheel scooters that can be unstable and hard to maneuver, this scooter would assist your kid to build synchronization while providing a secure riding experience The Fly Bike trains children to balance and steer while using their own feet to push the scooter. It helps put up steadiness, pushing and steering skill. No parental support is needed.

Easy maneuvering wheel with seats

Packed together, lightweight and steady It includes a strong yet comfy built-in seat. Like the way a scooter works, handles on the front wheel turn for ease of maneuver.
The wheels are designed for a smooth and quiet ride. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Perfect for Toddlers

Specially designed for kids ages 1-4.Perfect for children who are always on the go. It will keep your child engaged while letting him or her to move around.

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