How to fly a Quadcopter & Drone for kids

Do you know enough about Drone? Please click the following link before start flying : 

All Set! Good enough we have learned about Drone. Not it’s time to get it a go!It’s time now to know something about how to fly your drone. We hope this tips would help to fly any other multirotor.

Ok! get started. Happy flying !


Want to tilt it left and right? Speed up the rotors on one side and slow down on the other. You may not be succeeded at the first try. Practice and you will learn how to handle. This action is called Roll.


Please Click the link below is an example of all the controls for flying a quadcopter and how each control works.

Forward –backward:

The same way you have done roll tilts, carry on pitch tilts to move it forward and backward. This action is called pitch.

Speeding up and slowing down:

Spin all the rotors in one direction will speed up the drone and for slowing done just do the opposite. Spin the rotors in opposite direction. This action is called yaw or rudder.

Up and down:

Throttle controls the up and down axis by varying the overall speed of the rotors.


There are usually 3 main stabilization modes for a quadcopter:

    • Rate- sometime refers to as manual. It is also called hard or Acro.
    • Attitude-sometimes refers to as self-level or Auto-level.
    • GPS-hold- refers to as Loiter.
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