Holy Stone F180C drone for kids review

By Richie / June 21, 2017

Holy Stone F180C 2.4GHz Mini RC Drone is one of the best lightweight toy drones for kids, a perfect drone trainer. For a beginner looking to try out their first drones for kids to a seasoned hobbyist, the Holy Stone F180C drone has something to offer everyone. 

Holy Stone F180C

It is a durable, lightweight drone for kids with relatively easy controls and stepped input making it flyable for kinds and users of all skill levels.

Lets check out the features of Holy Stone F180C drone :

4 channel of sensitivity modes for any level of player

Holy Stone F180C drone offers four levels of input from 25%-100% which makes it perfect for everyone- from beginner to advanced. Even at 25% this mini drone for kids cruises along pretty good. The Holy Stone F180C drone features a 6 axis gyroscope for added stability.

Holy Stone F180C

Equipped with a 720p Camera

Holy Stone F180C drone is equipped with a video/photo camera(1280x720 Pixel),for taking videos and still shot. It also includes a 2GB Micro SD card installed for the mini "HD" camera that is built into it, as well as a USB card reader so you can easily get your photos and videos off and onto your computer.

You will know when you have properly inserted the card in the drone, because there is a status light on the bottom that will flash red/blue if it isn't installed.

Once you have correctly installed the SD card, the light will be a steady red color.

Tips on camera :

Make sure to hit record on the transmitter again when you are done taking video or there is a chance your footage may be lost.

Cool flying control system with 360 degree eversion

A key 360° 4-ways flip(left,right,forward,backward), continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance. It can be difficult to control for beginner, even at 25% input.

Headless return to home system

This Holy Stone F180C drone has a "headless return home" mode, not to be confused with headless mode. "Headless return home" mode will make the drone shoot back to you (the transmitter). This durable toy drones for kids is able to survive crashes into all manner of surfaces including surfaces that contain trees.

Easy Control

The controller is pretty simple to use, once you understand what the purpose of each directional pad and trigger is. The left up/down control is actually the speed of the propellers and will increase or decrease the altitude of your drone. That trigger also will tilt left and right to make the drone rotate left and right. The right directional trigger does similar movements, but the up and down button will make the drone move forward and backward, and the left and right will make it fly left or right.

Holy Stone F180C

More balance

There are two bottom directional pads on the remote as well. The left directional pad will control the camera. The up button will take a photo, and the down button will start and stop the video feature. The left and right directional buttons are for fine turning the turning function of the drone while it's in air to keep balance. The right directional pad is an entire fine tuning pad. The up and down button will control the forward and backward balance and stability, while the left and right will stabilize your left side-flying ability.

Two trigger allows 360 flip

Lastly, the coolest and last feature of Holy Stone F180C drone on the remote is the top two trigger buttons. These will allow the drone to do a complete 360 flip in air. It's awesome! You just have to make sure that you have enough altitude to be able to complete the stunt, though, or you'll drop to the ground.

Holy Stone F180C

Tips for control:

You must control what altitude it is once it gets back to you. This would save you when the wind was bad and I was actually flying in a blizzard. If the wind starts to sweep it away and throw it into this mode and it would brought it back close enough to you that you could regain control.

The Remote distance Isn’t that Bad

The remote distance is approximately 100 meters in all directions. The remote offers an intuitive LCD panel display and comes with 12 blades for longer flight time. Despite its lightweight, the Holy Stone F180C drone typically cannot be handles well in windier situations. The quad functions perfectly indoors and outdoors when there isn’t much wind (this is how many drones operate). With all this features it has the quality to be ranked a one of the best toy drones available in the market. 

Package Includes:

  •  Drone with 1 battery and 4 blades=1 
  •  Transmitter (without 4 1.5V AA batteries)=1 
  • 3.7V 350 mAh Bonus Battries=1 
  •  Addtional Blades=8
Holy Stone F180C
  •  2-in-1 Battery Charger=1 
  • USB Cable=1 
  • Accessories=1 
  •  2G mini SD Card=1 
  • Card reader=1 
  • User Manual=1 

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