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How to choose the best Stroller for baby- Guide & Reviews

By Richie / June 21, 2017

A stroller is the indispensable product of the baby walk. For first couple of years it would be the part and parcel of your baby especially if you are to go outside frequently. This is why it is important to know the criteria for best stroller for baby.

Which stroller to choose? How do we know if I need a 3 or 4 wheeler stroller? Whether it should be off-road, or compact? With the very wide selection of models that are offered, how will we be able to choose the best stroller for baby? What criteria should I use? And especially what budget should we foresee?
In short, how well we can choose best stroller for baby?  And what are the available strollers in market from which we can chose the best stroller for baby?  All of these questions are answered in our reviews and buying guide

Top 5 Reviews : Best Stroller for baby

1.Experience the Terrific Trio travel system from Chicco in 4 colors! 

The term Trio in the name refers to the baby stroller  , Child safety car seat and the ability to secure the car seat to the stroller as well. The Chicco bravo trio travel system is the new, innovative, exceptionally well designed, tri-modal stroller platform from Chicco. There are numerous accessories with this travel system that the more expensive systems had and then some. 

Best Stroller for baby

And that make it even better. As one of the best baby strollers out there, you would not hesitate to make this purchase selection again, given the chance.The Chicco bravo trio travel system provides three unique modes of use to adapt to your changing travel needs as baby grows.

Best Stroller for baby

1. KeyFit Carrier

In its first mode for use with young infants, Bravo functions as a lightweight and stylishcarrier. The Bravo seat and canopy can be removed easily revealing a lightweight car seat carrier - most helpful when baby is always in the KeyFit. It’s easy to remove the stroller seat and canopy, attach the adapter, and click in the KeyFit.

Best Stroller for baby

 2.Travel System

In its first mode for use with infants, the Bravo LE seat and canopy can be removed easily revealing a lightweight car seat carrier - child snack tray/adpator attached which is most helpful when baby is always in the KeyFit® Infant Car Seat (sold separately) carrier. Stroller weight: 23 lb.

Best Stroller for baby

3.Toddler Stroller

During the transition time when baby still rides in the KeyFit but may also like to sit up and see, the Bravo LE functions as a travel system. Perfect for shopping and walking around tow.

2.Looking for a stroller that was light-weight and could be used for a while? 

Best Stroller for baby

The Graco Aire3 Click Connect lightweight stroller is a cool, three-wheel baby stroller that’s built for getting out and about with your child easily.
Nothing is complicated with The Graco Aire3 Click Connect .Its functional and includes features that help parents comfortable on strolls as well.

Best Stroller for baby

 1. Big and flexible

It’s easy to use once you get used to it. Big enough for the baby to sit or sleep and just big enough to shop in stores and around clothes racks.  It latch great and is very compact, very easy to fold and open, stands on its own so the handle isn't always covered in dirt, steers really easily with one hand, brakes are easy.

Best Stroller for baby

 2.Comfortable for baby as well as parents

It’s nice and tall, the perfect height for optimum comfort pushing it, lays flat, glides easily and is very comfortable for baby.
And also for you while traveling. It would be as part of the travel system and can stand alone. If you are someone who is constantly moving about and doesn't have much upper body strength, this stroller is for you. Definitely a plus for a sleep deprived new parent.

Best Stroller for baby

3.Exciting feature package 

 You will also love the bassinet feature, storage, canopy and some other excellent functions. It really stands out among baby strollers.Perfect for shopping and walking around tow.
A Customer review reads “Everyone who pushes the stroller falls in love!”

3.Care for having your baby with you while waling, jogging or even hiking?   

Best Stroller for baby

This one would be the best choice for you! The BOB REVOLUTION FLEX Stroller has been designed with the latest features for the modern, active family. Your baby would enjoy such a smooth ride on and off the road as well. Take it on forest trails and for long walks on the road and stroller does it all, pavement, grass, gravel, trails, every place you take, it would be wonderful.

Best Stroller for baby

It’s smooth and easy to maneuver, well you can easily steer it with one hand and it maneuvers very well It glides so easily and is great on rough surfaces.

Best Stroller for baby

The BOB Revolution flex glides like a skater over fresh ice. If you plan on walking a lot with baby, this stroller is well worth the investment. Want to use it for running - mostly on paved roads? It would make your workouts so effortless. Perfect for walks and everyday use! . The wheels move all over the place

Best Stroller for baby

The only thing is that it’s very bulky, but If you spend the majority of your time outdoors, you would love every minute with this stroller. The only thing better than this stroller, is not having a child with you while jogging.

4.Experience the Super Flexibility with the Chicco Bravo LE Stroller   

Chicco Bravo LE Stroller features a versatile tri-modal stroller platform that conveniently adapts to your growing child's changing travel needs for extended use the Chicco Bravo LE stroller comes loaded with premium features to make strolling comfortable for baby and convenient for you!

Best Stroller for baby

Versatile is what they say about it!

The most wonderful thing about this baby stroller is that it provides 3 unique modes of use provides three unique modes of use to adapt to your changing travel needs as baby grows.

Best Stroller for baby

1. Lightweight infant car seat carrier 

In its first mode for use with infants, the Bravo LE seat and canopy can be removed easily revealing a lightweight car seat carrier - child snack tray/adpator attached which is most helpful when baby is always in the KeyFit® Infant Car Seat (sold separately) carrier. Stroller weight: 23 lb.

Best Stroller for baby

2. Complete Travel system 

During the transition time when baby still rides in the KeyFit but may also like to sit up and see, the Bravo LE functions as a travel system. Perfect for shopping and walking around tow.

Best Stroller for baby

3. Full featured toddler stroller  

When your baby outgrows the KeyFit, the Bravo LE is a full featured toddler stroller perfect for everyday travel. All these premium features makes this to be stand the hall of fame of the best baby strollers in the market.

  Buying guide: best stroller for baby

Here are the essential criteria of best stroller for baby.

To help you in your choice, here are the tips that you should be aware of before buying the best stroller for baby.

Safety is the priority

A standard stroller must ensure some criteria. Some of those criteria are stability, the presence of the locking device of the folding system, the parking brake device, the resistance to mechanical and physical stresses, the absence of elements which can cause any inconvenience to the child, the presence A proper harness or belt, and resistance to flammability and poisoning.

We also advise you to verify the presence of the word "conforming to the safety requirements" which must be visible on the packaging or the product.

The Budget to Provide

The budget varies depending on the model, brand, different features and compatible accessories. The price varies between a hundred dollars for a caddy stroller cane to a thousand for full stroller’s brand.

The important thing is to tailor your budget to your need. A stroller can do very well for a low use and a baby of more than 6 months (cane strollers are recommended for children from 6 months, because they sit more easily seated).

Best Stroller for baby

On the other hand, if you're traveling a lot, buy a 3-in-1 stroller, or a combined all-in-one stroller, which will give you more flexibility when traveling.

When choosing and buying a stroller, you should also consider that it will benefit your next children.

Use of strollers:

There are models of strollers adapted to each situation. Indeed, from birth, it is recommended to use a stroller tiltable to 150 ° like the hulls, nacelles, or prams.

For long walks or sporting parents, we advise you to focus on off-road strollers, which offer better comfort for your child and drivers, thanks to better shock absorbers and higher handlebars. Conversely, for outlets that are mainly urban, it is recommended to choose a high chassis so that the baby is not directly in contact with exhaust.


This is also an important criterion for the child or the parents. For we naturally think that a more advanced stroller, therefore more expensive, will necessarily be more comfortable. However this is not always true!

The comfort of the child is first and foremost a good seating with sufficient padding, maximum support thanks to the harness or the belt, and good shock absorbers.

Best Stroller for baby

On the parent side, comfort is also important. For example, for people of large sizes, it is important to choose a higher handlebar. Access the complete stroller comparison here.

Maneuverability and weight

Handling and weight of the stroller are also factors to be taken into account. As an example, 3-wheeler strollers offer you more maneuverability thanks to a 360 ° rotation of the wheels, the combined strollers ensure optimum comfort when you are traveling to pass the child from his pram to the car or the All-terrain strollers are designed to give you maximum comfort whatever the terrain on which they ride.


This parameter is to be taken into account priority, especially if the trunk of your car is small or if the storage space in your house is relatively small (Think of all baby toys!)

Best Stroller for baby

Chicco strollers are famous for their folding in 3 dimensions, which ensures a fast and space-saving storage. Conversely, a Travel-System (or combined) stroller requires a much more substantial place!

Age of child

The child needs to sleep, which is why it is necessary that it is mostly lying down. For this, the purchase of the first stroller is oriented towards the nacelles, hulls or cozy that one finds with the strollers 3 in 1. However, if you opt for the more economical version like caddy or base stroller, do not forget to check that the hammock is tiltable to 150° minimum.

From 6 months, the sitting position is preferred and the hammock of a slightly inclined stroller is preferable.

As of the 9th month, it is advisable to switch to the second age stroller which becomes less cumbersome and more manageable. It will allow you to stroll your child until his 4th year.

The number of children

Double stroller If you have children of close ages, twins, or triplets, it is best to invest in a double or triple model. Whether you choose a double stroller or a triple stroller, you can opt for a side-by-side format, where each child is on the same row, or a model that has its seats one behind the other.

Best Stroller for baby

These more bulky strollers are nevertheless a good compromise when you have several small children. Our Practical Info and Notices of Strollers will help you to choose well!

Compatible accessories

Various accessories are compatible with strollers; they may exist by default or be optional. They are often added, depending on climatic conditions.

In any case, if you reside in a rainy area, privilege the purchase of a cover or rain cover. Conversely, in a sunny area, opt for an umbrella to protect baby's skin, very sensitive to UV rays. On the other hand, for the winter, it is advisable to buy a model of stroller allowing the use of a sleeping bag, also called a chancellor.

You can also bet on the purchase of a storage pocket to carry the baby kit to wear, or the stroller hooks to carry your changing bag.

Choosing model : Best stroller for baby

Whichever model you choose, it will be necessary to respect certain basic rules regularly to keep a stroller in perfect working order and safety for baby. It is important to check the overall condition of the stroller before putting the baby in, regardless of age! A quick glance will allow you to detect any problems that may hinder the smooth running of the baby.

Second hand? Think about hygiene and security :

Most if some used models might be suitable; we generally do not recommend buying a second hand stroller. The models recovered in second-hand shops and other garbage can also be avoided for obvious reasons of safety and hygiene standards for your child.


Also remember to always keep an eye on baby when it is in his stroller: falls are frequent; they are even the leading cause of accidents.

Best Stroller for baby

When you are stopped, you should also check that the brake system and other locking device are properly engaged. As a responsible parent, you must know that it is absolutely forbidden to walk baby when the baby is not tied! This is the basic rule. If you have chosen a cane or combined model to accommodate only one child at a time, do not try to install several children at the same time, even if they are young.

Seasonal consideration :

Choosing a good stroller is choosing a model that will accompany baby in all seasons. It will neither keep it too hot in summer, nor too cold in winter. Covers, protection and rain and aeration clothing will also be a basic element to consider before buying a stroller.


In addition to the equipment that will complement the functionalities of your stroller, have you thought of the small additional accessories that will simplify your daily life with baby?

Best Stroller for baby

5 Top strollers offered on this page comes with a whole series of accessories, protection and care that will be useful to you every day at home as well as during your journeys with baby. You will find a selection of everything necessary for breastfeeding, the best accessories and best baby bottle, a section entirely dedicated to the bottle and the child's meals as well as a final section devoted to all the accessories useful for the stroller.

    Choosing types or model: Best stroller for baby

The comparison offered on our site takes the best strollers according to their category. Among them, base, trios or combined, off-road and double or triple.

Combined model

To choose a combined model, it is the assurance of complete and safe and comfortable equipment for baby. Although prices and prices may seem higher at first glance, the purchase of a combined or trio is nevertheless judicious and economical. No need to buy new equipment regularly with a trio: from birth to 3 (or 4) years, baby will be perfectly equipped with its combined that includes the hammock, the nacelle and the hull. The trio can therefore be the perfect compromise to accompany him from birth to his three years!

Best Stroller for baby

Depending on the intended use, the purchase of a trio or combined stroller can go on several choices. Between the urban and the rural model, each parent will find his / her benefit depending on the type of exits planned . City trio models are generally lighter and compact than others, often considered more bulky and lighter.

City models

To choose preferably if the cozy or the nacelle are not your priorities. These models are generally suitable from birth to 3 years of baby. Perfect for the shortest routes, it will be particularly skilled to face the sidewalks, the city and public transport. It folds easily and can be stored in any vehicle chest.

Base or caddy models

They are generally suitable for children from 6 months old or even from birth for certain models. Light and compact, it folds with one hand and has a handle for easy transport. It is also perfect for public transport such as the bus, metro and tramway and will slip into the city without worry. Ideal for traveling with your baby in a plane, the base model will make your life easier in any situation.

All-terrain models

Choosing to acquire an off-road stroller means choosing comfort and equipment everywhere. Combining comfort, practical safety, the all-terrain versions are perfect for the countryside and the outings away from the cities. The all-terrain versions are also perfectly adapted to the practice of the gym stroller with baby as proves our article on the fitness to do sport with its stroller! The perfect model for the most sporting parents.

Best Stroller for baby

The twin, double and triple models

Multiple versions are suitable for parents looking for equipment that can accommodate multiple children. Comparisons of double versions, particularly suited to the transport of twins or children of close ages, exist in several layers (face to face, one behind the other or side by side). The double and triple strollers avoid extra costs by buying only one stroller, more impressive and able to accommodate several children.

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