Jumphigh 3-in-1 Kick Scooter- Review

By Richie / June 21, 2017

The first thrilling scooter for your kids

‘Thrilling’- is what the customers say about Jumphigh Baby Kids Sit Scooter 3-in-1 Kick Scooter. You would surely agree once you get the hang of it this truly cool scooter. With safety and environmental protection certification, the scooter seems very sturdy and great for the the babies with 2 or three years age who actually tries to get a hold on to a rider. But the regular scooters are not suitable for them.

Truly nice for ages: 2-7 years old. Suitable for outdoor horizontal surface or a spacious room.It comes with well-balanced functions and removable seats.
It is easy to carry. Assembly tool is included.
It helps to exercise the child's balance skills. The most important part is that as far as scooters go it seems like, it would hold up for quite a while depending on the kid.

Let us take a look at the features

Sit or stand! Super flexible

It is a sit or stand scooter that makes it exclusive. The Scooter comes with adjustable T-bar from 62.5-70.5CM .Which makes it easy to use for a variety of ages.It also comes with adjustable seat which can be easily uninstalled.Seat height from 22-25-28 CM. The sit weight limit is about 20kg.

Tips for installing the seats:

Seat comes unattached to the metal bar. To install it you need to unscrew a plate. Then you need to fix it to the metal pole that snaps into the base.

Safe Board skid station

The safety board skid station comes with sturdy anti-skid capacity . Tough flexible chassis provides smooth gliding. Improve product bearing and firmness.The base board weight limit is about 80kg.

Safe pedal

Pedal is thick and wide. So it can survive in the movement to avoid accidental slip.

Tips on the base

After you have the base fixed, you will find a screw in the front that. You need to get it out. For that you need to use a flat head screwdriver with which you can pry it out. Once the screw is out, just push it into the handle at the height you want. Then tighten it back up.

Easy grip for your kids

Groove surface of the handle greatly increases children's grip friction and reduce vibration sense, play a protective role safe non-slip grip, effectively protect young children's small hands. The handles are grippy which is good especially for little hands

High quality material

The scooter comes with high quality and durable aluminum alloy rod. Ultra-quiet PU wheels reduce vibration. Well-concerned baby care design provides your kids amusement with safety.

Safe break and lock 

Brake is widened, safe and durable. The break works great. Super easy to use.

Special security lock is positioned in front of the car. It includes a high-level strength aluminum tubes made of thick, high-grade satin never rust.

Manual flash Wheel

The scooter comes with ultra-quiet imported PU wheel. Tread pattern has a good non-slip effect. It rapidly moving to better with enhance steadiness.

Thanks to the manual flash wheel design, the front wheels light up which added something special to the chill factor. Kids really love it.

Super easy assembling:

It is really easy to assemble and putting it together. The wheels and main parts are pretty much assembled. What you just need is to adjust the seat and handles together. The handle can be fixed up or down.
Assembly tool is included and instruction manuals are there. Though it is written in Chinese, but the pictures depicts it so easily that anyone can understand. But there will not be any problem to fix it even without the manual.

Overall you would be happier with the product and the purchase and we would recommend it to anyone.

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